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Forest Trees

Caring for our Planet

Here are Funky Olive Handmade, we are trying to do our bit to be that little bit kinder to our planet wherever we possibly can. We all have a responsibility to make small and positive changes and here's some of the ways we are helping.



Many of our fabrics & components are manufactured here in the UK, reducing miles. Many of the linens are printed using pigment printing, the most environmentally friendly technology available and many are Oeko-Tex certified (better for our Environment).


War on Waste

"Every last scrap" is our motto. Every last scrap of fabric gets used in some way. Beautiful scrap bundles are put together and sold, with a small % donated to charity. Even the smallest pieces are donated to a local business and re-used to make beautiful creations

Recycling Cardboard


Much of our carboard packaging used in our parcels is all recycled wherever possible or products chosen for their lower impact on the environment. Several local businesses all donate their unwanted carboard waste to us to be re-cycled.

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